At SencorpWhite, We’re Thankful For Our Business Partners And The Expansion Of Our VLM Product Line

SencorpWhite EffiMat VLMOver the next week, as we get together with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, we’ll all be focused on gratitude . . . and for those of us at SencorpWhite, there is plenty to be thankful for.

Not only do we work with some of the best, the brightest and the most dedicated in the manufacturing industry, but the company is on extremely solid footing, as well. This fall, we’ve been busier than ever building machines and systems for shipment before year-end, and our backlog is at record highs, with orders up significantly year-over-year.

A big part of that success stems from new connections SencorpWhite has forged around the world. Over the past few years, we’ve found other companies that share our philosophy of innovatively-designed, rugged systems and solutions, and we’ve partnered with them in various ways. Now, SencorpWhite is:

To illustrate how these relationships have benefited our business –and our customers’ businesses, too! –let’s take a closer look at the distribution agreement SencorpWhite has signed with EffiMat.

We formally bolstered our relationship with EffiMat just over two years ago because we wanted to offer products that would complement our PowerColumn3 heavy-duty VLMs. As a result, SencorpWhite now offers:

  • PowerColumn3 heavy-duty VLMs
  • ClassicMat traditional VLMs
  • Unique and innovative EffiMat VLMs

And since the ink dried on the distribution agreement, we’ve sold a number of ClassicMat traditional VLMs.

In addition, we recently sold our first EffiMat VLM.

That means our VLMs are now installed in numerous companies throughout the United States, serving the aerospace, energy, and life science industries –an impressive accomplishment in such a short amount of time!

Yes, there’s plenty to be thankful for this season, and I wish you and yours a safe, happy and relaxing Thanksgiving.

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