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Automated Pouch Sealer

Human error is the number one cause of packaging related recalls in the medical device industry and risk mitigation is the number one focus. SencorpWhite’s Automated Pouch Handling and Sealing Systems remove the operator from the pouch handling process protecting your package from operator errors. We work with you to understand your current SOP and future goals to deliver the right solution using your current preformed pouches.

Systems can be configured to meet your particular process requirements including but not limited to:

  1. Label print and apply
  2. Inkjet printing
  3. Print verification
  4. Bar code reading
  5. RFID read/write
  6. Vision inspection
  7. 100% inline non-destructive seal inspection
  8. Automated product loading
  9. Pouch static electricity neutralizer
  10. UDI compliance
  11. Increased throughput
  12. Take-away conveyor
  13. Server interface for data acquisition and/or recipe control

Whether your throughput requirements warrant the multi-pouch flow APM (up to a 12 pouch per minute cycle rate) or the single-pouch flow APS system (up to a 5 pouch per minute cycle rate), we can provide a solution to protect your process. The APM and APS risk mitigation systems were engineered to eliminate common operator errors including:

  1. Unsealed pouches
  2. Partially sealed pouches
  3. Mislabeled pouches
  4. Failure to change over the sealing parameters
  5. Failurer to adequately visually inspect the seals
  6. Improperly segregating good product from non-conforming packages

The APM and APS systems are validatable, calibratable, ISO-11607 compliant, CE compliant, ANSI/OSHA compatible and ergonomically designed. The standard machines incorporate clear Lexan guarding for visibility to critical processing areas and interlocks for quick, tool-less access for maintenance and line clearance.

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