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CeraTek Laboratory Thermoformer

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Laboratory Thermoformer

The SencorpWhite model 810/1 is a self-contained sheet fed laboratory thermoformer designed for a variety of applications. The 810/1 has a broad spectrum of capabilities unequalled in the industry making it ideal for small production runs to produce prototypes and samples. Engineered to simulate parts formed on large production thermoformers, the 810/1 is perfect for product testing and experimental work. In addition to processing all commonly used thermoformable materials, this unit is also capable of vacuum forming expanded polystyrene, bi-oriented polystyrene and polyolefins for material testing.

The 12”x12” forming area is capable of forming parts up to 3 inches deep. The upper and lower radiant heaters are independently controlled. Adjustable pressure and vacuum forming controls are standard. The system includes a self-contained vacuum unit. Custom tooling can be quoted upon receipt of mold specifications.

Standard specifications include:

  1. Forming Area: 12" x 12" (up to 3" deep part)
  2. Unit Size: 85" L x 33" W x 67" H
  3. Independently controlled upper and lower radiant heaters
  4. Upper and lower moving platens with independently adjustable timing
  5. Upper or lower platen vacuum or pressure forming with adjustable timing
  6. Variable speed control to open/close both platens
  7. Self-contained vacuum system
  8. Standard 2-year Warranty

Whether your throughput requirements warrant the multi-pouch flow APM (up to a 12 pouch per minute cycle rate) or the single-pouch flow APS system (up to a 5 pouch per minute cycle rate), we can provide a solution to protect your process. The APM and APS risk mitigation systems were engineered to eliminate common operator errors including:

  1. Unsealed pouches
  2. Partially sealed pouches
  3. Mislabeled pouches
  4. Failure to change over the sealing parameters
  5. Failurer to adequately visually inspect the seals
  6. Improperly segregating good product from non-conforming packages

For more information, please contact our world-wide distributor: Thwing-Albert Instrument Company

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