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MD-1612 Tray Sealer

We get it. It’s all about the hermetic seal. Creating a hermetic seal requires more than just time, temperature and pressure. It’s the right combination of time, temperature and pressure for your tray and lid combination that creates the optimal seal. At SencorpWhite, we designed the tray sealer and the tooling to ensure you get repeatable, complete hermetic seals every time. Our team of experts will evaluate your specific tray design and lid stock material, help you create a set of parameters for your package design and support your machine and process for the life of your equipment*.

SencorpWhite has experience providing solutions to customer SOP challenges including:

  1. Tack sealing of the lid stock to the product
  2. Double sealing of the tray
  3. Predictable throughput by monitoring and pacing the total cycle time
  4. Bar code scanning tray/product verification
  5. RFID tool verification
  6. UDI compliance

As always, SencorpWhite’s tray sealers are designed with standard features you rely on for sterile packaging applications including (but not limited to):

  1. ISO - 11607 compliant
  2. CE compliant
  3. 100% validatable & calibratable
  4. Free, fully executable sample IQ and OQ documents
  5. Lowest tray sealer maintenance in the industry
  6. Accuracy and repeatability required for medical packaging

*SencorpWhite can provide recommendations for sealing parameters however we do not provide full validation or DOE services. SencorpWhite also has access to an extensive network of validation service providers for contract support. The MD-1612 and MD-2420 come with a full 2-year warranty and free telephone and email support for the life of the machine.

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