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Securing, Controlling And Managing High-Value Life-Science Inventory From The Point Of Manufacture To The Point Of Use

SencorpWhite ProductsThe end of the year is quickly approaching, but I’m not settling in for a long winter’s nap anytime soon. This week, I’m at the American Society of Health Pharmacists (ASHP) Midyear Clinical Meeting in Anaheim where we’re launching the IntelliVert, an innovative new automated storage and retrieval system created in partnership with MEPS Real-Time, Inc. ®

The end of 2014 feels the perfect time to launch a solution like Intellivert, since this year also marks the first of many that will include new milestones in medical device identification compliance.

As you may recall, in 2013 the FDA ruled that medical devices would need unique device identifiers (UDIs) that were readable by humans and machines, and that some information about each device would be submitted to the Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID). The GUDID was developed to allow the public to search and download information about medical devices.

Ultimately, the new UDI compliance requirements will make it easier to share information about medical devices and ensure accuracy and efficiency in all steps of the process. It’s all part of the emerging “Internet of Things,” where anything that can be connected, will be connected (people will be connected to people, people will be connected to things, and things will be connected to things).

SencorpWhite is uniquely positioned to provide these types of sophisticated, integrated solutions that will ease the transition to FDA compliance. And because we so highly value our partnerships with some of the world’s most recognized market leaders in pharmacy automation, automated storage and retrieval systems, Auto-ID technology and life-science packaging, you can rest assured that we will continue to innovate and deliver brands and tools you can count on.

For example, we already provide these customized solutions to help you secure, control and manage high-value inventory from the point of manufacture to the point of use:

  • Our versatile CeraTek medical pouch and tray sealing systems allow product loading, pouch and/or tray sealing and auto-inspection, and then automatically and individually assign UDI identification after validation, creating a unique packaged product that can be automatically tracked through the supply chain, from the manufacturer to end user.
  • By combining White brand carousels, well-known for their reliability and durability, with Maple Street material handling software, we’ve created systems that increase visibility from manufacturers’ supply chains to the distributor or central warehouse and inside hospital central stores and pharmacies.
  • As the North American distributor of CAEN RFID, we can provide you with trusted readers and tags to support hospital proof-of-delivery, as well as support visibility along every step of the process.
  • As I mentioned last week, IntelliVert works by combining MEPS Real-Time® Intelliguard® brand RFID readers and software with our White brand automated storage and retrieval systems.
  • SencorpWhite’s WillCall Rx™ is a HIPPA-compliant pharmacy fulfillment solution that combines advanced automated storage and retrieval systems, RFID technology and our Maple Street software, creating a secure, confidential dispensing solution. WillCall Rx securely manages thousands of unique scripts and dispenses them in less than 15 seconds, with 100% accuracy!  WillCall Rx requires less floor space than conventional storage and is individually configured for the volume of your pharmacy, whether it’s in a hospital, clinic, retail location or private practice. WillCall Rx also automatically purges abandoned prescriptions, reducing man-power, inventory and wasted storage space.

Our overall strategy is to combine White carousels, RFID technology and integrated inventory/pharmacy management software so that they work together for accurate transactional verification, telling you if the correct product was removed, when and by whom, and providing proof of dispensing at point-of-use –all of which meet the FDA requirement for unit-level tracking to the patient, as well as product end-of-life verification.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get on the right path to FDA compliance. Give us a call or come find me at ASHP. Let’s talk about how SencorpWhite can provide you with the solutions you need, now and in the future.

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