Kunigstrasse Stuttgart Germany

The International Launch Of EffiMat At LogiMAT 2014

Kunigstrasse Stuttgart GermanyStuttgart in February? Don’t rush to judgment. As you can see from this photo of the Kunigstrasse, the weather this week was beautiful –sunny skies and temperatures in the 50s (°F) . . . a welcome change from winter back in Massachusetts.

Our team just returned from LogiMAT 2014, which we attended in support of the international launch of the EffiMat®, a co-branded, joint offering between SencorpWhite and EffiMat Storage Technology, and . . .

The response we received was nothing short of tremendous.

LogiMAT 2014 is billed as the biggest annual intralogistics exhibition in Europe, and so it was particularly gratifying to witness how manufacturers from throughout the EU (and beyond!) responded to this new machine.

If you’re not already familiar with the EffiMat, you may want to check out this earlier blog post, which lists its multiple benefits. In a nutshell, the EffiMat is unique to the market because it combines features found in several different types of automated storage and retrieval systems including VLM and mini-loads, along with automatic in-cycle replenishment and returns.

As we all know, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so here’s a short video-clip so you can actually see the EffiMat in action:

This week marked the international launch of the EffiMat –quite a milestone considering SencorpWhite and EffiMat Storage Technology started working together on it two years ago. Since then, SencorpWhite has proven the value of its North American sales and marketing network, and I’m proud to say that SencorpWhite is now the largest distributor of Effimat machines. With the realignment of our sales force, I’m confident we can grow the Effimat/SencorpWhite partnership even more in the coming year.

So Germany in February? As far as I can tell, it’s fantastic. Not only did I soak up a little sunshine, I savored the Schweinhaxen and spatzle at the local Schonbuch Brauhaus restaurant . . . and I had a great time enjoying the camaraderie of my colleagues as we plan for the continued success of the EffiMat.

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