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SencorpWhite Machines Are Built To Last

Look around wherever you are right now. Can you see anything at your workspace or your home –any piece of machinery, any equipment or even furniture –that has been in use for the past 40 years? I doubt you can. Well, let me clarify that. I doubt you can unless you are seated at the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York City or somewhere Read More →

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SencorpWhite And KIS International Partner For Distribution Throughout Europe And Beyond

Over the past few years, SencorpWhite has seen significant growth in overseas markets, particularly for our CeraTek line of medical pouch and tray sealers for sterile packaging. Medical device companies manufacturing in Europe, Asia and Central America are turning to SencorpWhite because they’re expanding cleanroom manufacturing capabilities, replacing out-dated machinery and standardizing equipment and processes to be in line with their U.S. manufacturing facilities and Read More →

RFID Can Help Validate A Time Or Temperature-Sensitive Package

Technological advances, declining costs and a growing stack of impressive case studies have significantly strengthened the value proposition for RFID use to track temperature- and/or time-sensitive high-value inventory. Among the most compelling arguments: •RFID empowers users with the ultimate track (location) and trace (temperature) technology. •With RFID, the core temperature of products can be obtained easily and without compromising the packaging. •RFID allows users to Read More →

Three Key Ways RFID Functionality On CeraTek Tray Sealers Improves Packaging Processes

Look around, and it’s easy to see that RFID technology is becoming more and more commonplace. Of course, retailers have been using RFID to gain competitive advantage for years. But now, other industries are quickly jumping on board. These days, healthcare facilities are using hi-tech sensors to track patient movements and even monitor patient hygiene.  Disney is replacing its traditional paper tickets with RFID-enabled bracelets. Read More →