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Kunigstrasse Stuttgart Germany

The International Launch Of EffiMat At LogiMAT 2014

Stuttgart in February? Don’t rush to judgment. As you can see from this photo of the Kunigstrasse, the weather this week was beautiful –sunny skies and temperatures in the 50s (°F) . . . a welcome change from winter back in Massachusetts. Our team just returned from LogiMAT 2014, which we attended in support of the international launch of the EffiMat®, a co-branded, joint offering Read More →

Innovation In Manufacturing – Is Anything Truly New?

On the way home from MD&M West in Anaheim last week, I found myself wondering about innovation in the manufacturing sector. It’s a complex topic, and to be honest, I’m not quite sure where I stand. On the one hand, thinking about innovation in manufacturing leaves me feeling somewhat frustrated. Can anyone remember the last time we saw truly “groundbreaking” manufacturing technology enter the market? Read More →

Sochi? No, Hyannis! SencorpWhite Achieves New Record With Its 500th White Carousel

For the next few weeks, we’ll all be following stories about the world’s best athletes as they compete in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Team USA includes 230 members, making it the largest athlete delegation for any nation in Winter Olympics history, and undoubtedly, we’ll be reading plenty of headlines about new world records and other phenomenal accomplishments of athletic strength, speed and skill. Meanwhile, Read More →