White Systems

White brand automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) including vertical and horizontal carousels, vertical lift modules (VLM), inventory management software, and light directed systems.


SencorpWhite Vertical Carousel

Vertical Carousels
Vertical carousels offer secure, enclosed, high-density, automated storage, taking advantage of underutilized space.  White is also a provider of private-label carousels for the worlds leading pharmacy automation integrators.  Leading companies turn to White brand vertical carousels to secure, store, and manage valuable inventory.


Horizontal Carousels
Horizontal carousels maximize storage and retrieval efficiency and are the ideal solution for pick-and-pack, put, and sortation of high volume distribution and fulfillment centers.

SencorpWhite VLM



Vertical Lift Modules (VLM)
VLMs offer secure, enclosed, high-density, flexible storage using independent, configurable steel trays.  Automated picking from VLMs significantly increases the performance of distribution operations, providing efficient, flexible order picking in a minimum amount of floor space.  VLMs can be used as an autonomous, single cell, or integrated into an automated system for order fulfillment.


EffimMat is the next generation of high-speed VLMs for small part storage with up to 4 times faster pick rates than a traditional VLM, as much as 400 order-lines per hour! EffiMat utilizes industry standard totes, presenting 5 different bins at one time.  EffiMat can be automatically replenished with an optional indeed/outfeed conveyor system.  In addition, multiple EffiMats can be integrated to enable product to be automatically transferred between cells.


IMG_0224       IMG_0226

PowerColumn3 VLMs are custom configured for complex, large part storage.  With tray sizes ranging up to 60″ x 240″ and weight capacity up to 2,000 pounds per tray, PowerColumn3 is designed for heavy duty, large capacity automated storage and retrieval applications. PowerColumn3 VLMs are ideally suited for aerospace applications.


Maple Street Software
Maple Street Software provides advanced inventory management solutions that improve the control of supply chain logistics. White storage and retrieval systems can be accessed and monitored via your WiFi or Ethernet connection. Maple Street Software provides unrivaled control of stock access, usage, and replenishment. With Maple Street Software you have a complete visibility of your inventory at any moment.

Light Directed Systems
Pick-to-light and distribution center systems reduce product handling costs by increasing picking efficiency and throughput.

White, Maple Street Software, and PowerColumn3 are registered trademarks of SencorpWhite, USA:  EffiMat and ClassicMat are registered trademarks of EffiMat, Denmark

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