EffiMat VLM

SencorpWhite VLMSencorpWhite is the North American distributor for EffiMat, the next generation of vertical lift modules (VLMs) for small part storage, as well as the traditional ClassicMat VLM.  EffiMat’s revolutionary design stores and retrieves industry standard totes up to four times faster than a traditional VLM.  The EffiMat elevator design allows automatic in-feed and out-feed of totes through the side, providing an integrated system for replenishing, buffering, and transporting totes without interruption of the picking process.  The ClassicMat VLM incorporates advanced features for precise vertical positioning and increased reliability.  In addition to innovative hardware design, all White VLM’s incorporate intelligent inventory management and control software.

White is a registered trademark of SencorpWhite, USA: EffiMat and ClassicMat are registered trademarks of EffiMat Storage Technology, Denmark.  

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White, White Systems, and PowerColumn are registered trademarks of SencorpWhite.