Healthcare automation

SencorpWhite White carousels

SencorpWhite partners with industry-leading hospitals and automated pharmacy and clean-room integrators, providing White automated storage and retrieval systems for distribution and point-of-use inventory management of high-value medical device, instrument, implantables, and pharmaceuticals.  White automated storage and retrieval systems are configured to your specific application and easily integrate with leading healthcare inventory management software and/or ERP systems.  White automated pharmacy systems include the WillCall Rx HIPPA compliant fulfillment system, IntelliVert RFID enabled carousels, MicroVert and MiniVert portable, secure point-of-use vertical carousels, and CleanRoom Connect, an ISO Class I cleanroom dual-entry carousel.  All White carousels can be integrated with Maple Street software and Auto-ID technology.

Sencorp, WillCall Rx, IntelliVert, MicroVert, MiniVert, CleanRoom Connect, and Maple Street are registered trademarks of SencorpWhite, USA


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