CleanRoom Connect

PR_Final_059-2White’s CleanRoom Connect carousel is an advanced automated storage and retrieval system for buffering, securing, storing, and transporting inventory into and out of clean rooms. CleanRoom Connect is used in a wide range of applications, from pharmaceutical compounding in hospital clean rooms, to clean rooms in medical device or electronics manufacturing.  CleanRoom Connect carousels provide a purged pass-through with automatic doors that prevent cross contamination from the dirty-to-clean side,  CleanRoom Connect is ISO Class I rated and can be customized to fit any size clean room.  In addition, our Maple Street inventory management software provides fail-safe access, control, and tracking.  CleanRoom Connect reduces inventory storage space by up to 75%, reducing the initial cost of construction and ongoing operating expense of a clean room.  CleanRoom Connect maintains clean room sterility, guards against accidental contamination, and increases productivity with accurate, fast inventory access control.  CleanRoom Connect is designed to meet FDA GMP/QS regulations for the medical device industry.

CleanRoom Connect is a registered trademark of SencorpWhite

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