MiniVert vertical carousels provide secure point-of-use inventory management in a compact form factor.  MiniVert automated storage and retrieval system secures and manages pharmaceuticals, medical device, instrument, and implantables in pharmacies, infusion centers, operating theaters, wards, clinics, and physicians offices.  MiniVert’s 60-inch design and easy plu-and-play installation provides an ideal solution to securely store and manage high-value inventory in a restricted space.  MiniVert integrated with Maple Street Software, on-board, PC, and color touch-screen monitor provides multiple levels of security, tracking, and inventory control, in real-time, at the point-of-use.  MiniVert can also be integrated with SencorpWhite’s RFID technology.

MiniVert and Maple Street Software are registered trademarks of SencorpWhite

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