WillCall Rx


WillCall Rx pharmacy fulfillment solution combines a secure automated storage and retrieval system with Maple Street Software to bridge the gap between the pharmacist and pharmacy technician.  WillCall RX is a HIPAA compliant solution that interfaces with your pharmacy software and secures confidential patient information at the point of fulfillment.  WillCall Rx secures and manages thousands of unique prescriptions, then dispenses on-demand in less than 15 seconds.  WillCall Rx routinely dispenses more than 1,500 prescriptions per eight hour shift with 100% accuracy, providing an intelligent and secure prescription storage and fulfillment system geared to the volume of your pharmacy: from hospitals and clinics, to retail pharmacies and private-practice medical offices.  WillCall Rx also automatically purges abandoned prescriptions on-demand, increasing pharmacy technician efficiency, reducing inventory, and eliminating wasted space.  WillCall Rx systems include an appropriately sized automated storage and retrieval system with discreet locations that are easily configurable for multiple size prescriptions, in a secure, self-contained enclosure, with lockable access.

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