AutoID technology

RFID Pharmaceutical SencorpWhite

SencorpWhite’s Auto-ID technology enables wireless tracking, robust security, and real-time monitoring of high-value inventory.  SencorpWhite is the North American distributor of CAEN RFID readers and tags for use in tracking critical inventory at the point-of-use.  Using a secure portal with real-time data reporting, you can remotely manage high-value inventory, balance stock across different facilities, track lot codes and serial numbers, and set alerts for product expirations.  Auto-ID technology is compatible with most vendor managed inventory (VMI) software systems, enabling real-time inventory control at the point-of-use.  Auto-ID technology provides many advantages including higher throughput, greater durability, and higher security, as well as virtually eliminating human error by mitigating the need to manually scan items added or removed from White carousels.  SencorpWhite is a proud member of the RAIN RFID Alliance.

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White is a registered trademark of SencorpWhite, USA: CAEN is a registered trademark of CAENRFID S.r.l.  


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