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New Year, New Position: Chris Lingamfelter to Serve as President of White Systems

  Happy 2017! Now that the hustle ‘n bustle of the holidays has subsided, it’s time to take advantage of the enormous potential that gets ushered in with every new year. January is a month of new beginnings and untapped possibilities—which means this is the perfect time for an exciting announcement from SencorpWhite: For the first time ever, there will be a President of White Read More →

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Veterans, Thank You For The Freedom To Vote

At long last, Election 2016 has drawn to a close. No matter what your political affiliation is, or whether your candidates won or lost, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the United States of America will continue to endure, as it has for the last 240 years. And today, in honor of Veterans Day, I’d like to underscore the fact that it Read More →

SencorpWhite Internship

From School To SencorpWhite: Readying The Next Generation Of Manufacturers

It’s not breaking news that American manufacturing is struggling with a skills gap and that many well-paying positions are going unfilled because candidates simply lack the know-how needed to do the job. Right now, the outlook is grim: A 2015 report from Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute predicts that over the next 10 years, nearly 60% of available manufacturing jobs will be left vacant. What Read More →

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The Good Business Of A Great Customer Experience

Stop for a minute to think about the last time you had a poor customer experience. Odds are, there’s an incident that comes to mind immediately. In fact, you can probably think of a few different examples. Now imagine a time you had an experience with a company that went exactly as you expected it should. Much tougher, isn’t it? Like it or not, the Read More →

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Why It’s Important To Take A Break During The Holidays

If you read the title above and you’re already arguing that you simply “can’t” take a break, then this post is very much for you. I understand where you’re coming from. Like most CEOs, I’m a bit of a workaholic myself, and while I understand that everyone’s work/life balance is different, it’s just not my style to take off and fully unplug for long periods Read More →

SencorpWhite Internships

Giving Thanks For Our Partners In STEM Education

Every year when Thanksgiving rolls around I, like most people, take the time to reflect on all the things I’m grateful for. At the top of the list are my family, of course, and my amazing friends and colleagues. In addition, this year I’m thankful for the incredible partnerships that have enabled SencorpWhite to move forward in exciting new ways. I’ve written before about how Read More →

SencorpWhite FSE

Five Things You Need to Know About SencorpWhite FSEs

Last week I told you about our recent acquisition by Connell Limited Partnership and all that it means for SencorpWhite’s future. As I wrote then, the values we built this company on remain the same, and nothing about our dedication to cutting-edge solutions and excellent service has changed. A big part of who we are and what we do involves our Field Service Engineers (FSEs), Read More →

SencorpWhite STEM Internships

The Value Of Internships For SencorpWhite And Manufacturing Overall

Here on Cape Cod, the beaches are packed with families enjoying the last weeks of summer vacation before school starts again, and local retailers are clearing out the pool noodles and sunscreen to make room for notebooks and dorm essentials. My children are grown, so now when I hear “back-to-school,” my focus immediately turns to our award-winning internship program. No, this isn’t the kind of Read More →

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Three Ways SencorpWhite Is Focused On You, The Customer

In today’s world, companies are promising excellent customer service as a differentiator. That’s a pretty sad state of affairs in itself –that treating customers well should be considered a unique selling point –but an even bigger issue is that many companies make promises, but fail to back them up with action. In other words, they simply don’t live up to their value propositions. How many times Read More →

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How SencorpWhite Is Working To Fill The Skills Gap In Manufacturing

It’s June, and while most people are starting to think about summer vacations and leisurely trips to the beach, my mind is on the manufacturing skills gap. Why? Because this is the time of year when high schools and colleges send their graduates out into the world –and I’m reminded once again that far too few of those young people are headed towards careers in Read More →

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