Consumer packaging

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - January 31, 2014: Gillette Fu

Many consumer products are sold in blister or clamshell packages. The components of a blister package include a cavity and lid, with the cavity made from thermoformed plastic and the lid from paper, paperboard, plastic, aluminum (foil) and most recently, pulp. Typically, the seal is made with a combination of heat and pressure, but hot/cold, adhesive, or snap-fit are also common sealing technologies. Blister packs may also be designed with push-through or peelable lids.

Clamshell packaging consists of two pre-formed, thermoformed pieces, or a single thermoform with two cavities connected by a hinge. By their inherent design clamshells offer more tamper resistance than blister packages. Thermoformed PVC, PET, and RPET are the most used materials for clamshells.  Retail market trends to reduce the cost of materials, and the addition of automation for fast changeover from package-to-package, shorter runs, and increased throughput drive the growth of blister and clamshell packaging.  

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