SencorpWhite ULTRA2 thermoformer

Introducing The ULTRA2 Thermoformer

SencorpWhite ULTRA2 thermoformerI’ve been attending the SPE Thermoforming Conference annually for years now, and it never disappoints. This fall, there was a palpable energy in the exhibit hall, and it seemed that everyone was inspired by the conference theme, “Forming the Future.” There is genuine enthusiasm about all that’s happening in the packaging industry—and there’s plenty that’s new. In fact, one of SencorpWhite’s long-time customers, Jamestown Plastics, won the top innovation prize for their Click it Clam™ thermoformed consumer clamshell (

Put all of that together and you’ll understand why the 2016 SPE Thermoforming Conference was the perfect backdrop for us to speak with a number of our best customers about the newest addition to the SencorpWhite thermoformer line: the ULTRA2 thermoformer.

Regular readers here know that Sencorp brand thermoforming machines are recognized as the industry standard for producing consumer product, medical, food, cosmetic and electronic blister and clamshell packages. Buoyed by the incredible success of the ULTRA thermoformer, we designed the ULTRA2 to offer our customers even more uptime and performance. The ULTRA2 delivers:

  • Longer cutting die life. The ULTRA2 is all-electric (servo) with platens that are significantly more rigid, producing a more repeatable cut and extended die life.
  • Automated unload. Unique in the packaging industry, the ULTRA2 comes with a robot unload that can be run as either a pick-and-place or down-stacker.
  • Customization. The ULTRA2 is customizable to run the largest thermoformer tooling in the industry—up to 34 x 72 inches.
  • Advanced temperature controls. The ULTRA2 is available with closed loop thermal feedback for controlling sheet temperature.

Did you miss SencorpWhite at the 2016 SPE Thermoforming Conference? If so, I hope you can catch up with us next month at Pack Expo International in Chicago or at the K-Show in Düsseldorf, Germany. The K-Show, which is well-known throughout the industry as the “World’s No. 1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber,” happens only once every three years, and we’re thrilled to be back, underscoring SencorpWhite’s commitment to the international market and introducing the ULTRA2 thermoformer to manufacturers and other packaging professionals worldwide.

We look forward seeing you in either Dusseldorf or Chicago (or both) as we present the latest in roll-fed thermoforming solutions to meet our customers’ most demanding applications.

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