CeraTek Pouch and Tray Sealer


CeraTek brand pouch and tray sealers are the industry standard for producing validatable, calibratable, and CE and ISO-11607 compliant seals.  In excess of 15,000 CeraTek brand sealers are in daily use by over 450 of the worlds leading medical instrument, device, and implantable manufacturers.    Pouches made with polypropylene, Tyvek, and foil/paper (or laminates thereof), pouches made with new materials including polyester-polyester, linear-low-density-polyethylene (LLDPE), and breathable pouches made from Tyvek-polyethylene, all Tyvek, or Nylon-Tyvek are easily sealed on CeraTek systems.  Thermoformed trays sealed on tray sealers provide a stronger, more protective package for medical products like syringes, needles, catheters, stents, dressings, and wound care products, as well as surgical instruments, electromechanical devices, heart repair products, and orthopedic implants.  CeraTek’s product line includes “shuttle” medical tray sealers, and hot-bar and impulse medical pouch sealers. CeraTek pouch sealers are also available with optional gas evacuation and/or flush.  All CeraTek medical pouch and tray sealers come with sample IQ and OQ protocol documention.

CeraTek is a registered trademark of SencorpWhite

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