Medical pouch sealers


CeraTek brand sterile pouch sealing systems are in daily use by 450 of the worlds leading medical instrument, device, and implantable manufacturers to package their critical products.  CeraTek sealers are the industry standard for producing validatable, calibratable, and CE and ISO-11607 compliant seals day-in and day-out.  CeraTek brand medical pouch sealers include constant heat sealers, impulse sealers, and vacuum-chamber hot bar pouch sealers.  All CeraTek pouch sealers are available in either 12-inch or 24-inch seal-width configurations, and are 100% validatable and calibratable.  CeraTek sealers are designed with open back frames for front-to-back and lateral pass-through sealing, and are compact for table-top use.  All CeraTek pouch sealers feature digital temperature and pressure control, dwell-time readout, process alarms with lockout features for seal parameters, and external output ports for process control verification and calibration.  CeraTek P-Series sealers have optional evacuation/gas flush capabilities.  Standard CeraTek pouch sealers include:  AS/1;  AS/2;  IH/2;  P/2;  DDS/2; and MPK/2.  In addition, SencorpWhite’s new CeraTek 12-MPK/2 and 24-MPK/2 are the first constant heat sealer specifically designed for medical pouches, combining sealing and header cutting following sterilization, in one step.  The 12-MPK/2 has a 12-inc seal die for up to an 11.5-inch wide pouches; the 24-MPK/2 has a 24-inch seal die for up to a 23.5-inch wide pouches.  The cut-off knife and sealing die operate independently so the system can be operated as a sealer only, cutter only, or sealer/cutter with a 0.25-inch minimum distance from the outer edge of the applied seal to the cut location.  For custom applications, SencorpWhite also designs CeraTek sealers to meet your specific requirements.  All standard CeraTek sealers come with sample IQ/OQ protocol documents.

Sencorp and CeraTek are registered trademarks of SencorpWhite

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