Medical tray sealers



SencorpWhite’s CeraTek brand tray sealing systems are in daily use by the worlds leading medical instrument, device, and implantable manufacturers to package their critical products.  CeraTek sealers are the industry standard for producing validatable, calibratable, and CE and ISO-11607 compliant seals day-in and day-out.  CeraTek medical tray sealers include single and dual side shuttle systems, and in-line sealers.  All CeraTek tray sealers are are 100% validatable and calibratable.  All CeraTek tray sealers feature PLC control with touch screen HMI, short cycle indicator, high and low temperature alarm, high and low pressure alarm, resettable cycle counter, external output ports for temperature, pressure, and dwell time for process control verification and calibration, and key switch lockout to limit access to set-up screen.  Standard CeraTek tray sealers include the MD-1612 table top shuttle tray sealer, MD-2420 shuttle tray sealer, and in-line tray sealing systems.  For custom applications, SencorpWhite also designs CeraTek tray sealers to meet your specific requirements.  All standard CeraTek sealers come with sample IQ/OQ protocol documents.

CeraTek is a registered trademark of SencorpWhite

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