Medical device packaging

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The market for sterile medical trays and pouches is growing, and is attributable to the need for improved strength, puncture resistance, and barrier protection for medium to large-sized medical and dental devices, instruments, and supplies.  Pouches are typically fabricated from two or more different materials with plastic, Tyvek, film, paper, and/or laminates of these materials sealed to form a peel-open or tear-open package. Pouch material is continually evaluated for enhanced performance, with poly/poly combinations, foil, and LLDPE currently popular.  For larger and heavier items, thermoformed trays provide a stronger, more protective package. Trays typically contain syringes, needles, catheters, stents, dressings, and wound care products, but are also used for surgical instruments, electromechanical devices (such as heart repair products), and orthopedic implants.  CeraTek brand constant heat sealers for medical pouch and tray sealing are well-known for their ability to produce consistently high quality seals to meet stringent medical packaging requirements.

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