Sencorp ULTRA

SencorpWhite thermoformer packaging

Sencorp brand thermoformers are recognized as the work-horse of the industry with over 1,700 thermoformers in operation, day-in and day-out.  Suitable for thermoforming more large format, deep packages, the Sencorp ULTRA thermoformer provides reliability and uncompromised performance for consumer products, electronics, cosmetics, personal care, and food blisters and clamshells, and engineered parts.  Standard and/or available features of the ULTRA include a large forming area for increased throughput of large parts, automatic shut-height adjust for quick tool change-over and short runs, a longer oven with additional heating zones and precise sheet temperature control for new materials with narrow process windows, increased press tonnage for forming and trimming polyester materials, and a 7-inch stroke on both form and trim presses for deep parts.  Optional automatic offload systems matched to machine cycle speeds further increases productivity.

Sencorp and Sencorp ULTRA are registered trademarks of SencorpWhite, USA

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