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Regular Maintenance And Upgrades Help Minimize Manufacturing Costs And Downtime

SencorpWhite maintenance field service engineersMany C-level execs I know are fans of gadgets. They like to use the latest and the greatest technology, and they’re constantly upgrading their cars, televisions, mobile devices, etc.

Ironically, though, I find that many of these same execs are reluctant to replace old or even broken equipment on the manufacturing floor. They justify their inaction with, “It’s working fine for now,” “We’ve developed a work-around for (whatever isn’t working exactly as it should),” or perhaps the most common of all, “We just can’t afford it.”

Throughout my years in this business, I’ve heard all the excuses, and at the same time, I’ve never once seen a company forgo a rebuild or retrofit and have it result in anything but lost time and money. The lesson here is simple: When it comes to the equipment you rely on to get the job done, you can’t afford not to ensure that it’s regularly maintained and updated.

That’s why at SencorpWhite we make it incredibly easy to keep your systems running smoothly, with minimal cost and downtime. We offer:

  • Service and Maintenance Agreements. Regularly scheduled maintenance can help you keep track of exactly how your machines are performing, so you can get ahead of any repairs or upgrades before it’s too late. Our expert field service engineers can provide predictive and preventative maintenance options designed to give you detailed information and about your equipment and components and personalized solutions. When you wait for something to go wrong before attending to it, you not only increase risks, but you also increase your potential downtime and costs, as well.
  • Upgrade and Retrofit Kits. With factory-authorized upgrades and retrofits, SencorpWhite customers maximize vintage machine efficiency by adding functions and features that were either unavailable or not purchased with the original machine. In most cases, SencorpWhite upgrade and retrofit kits also simplify machine control and reduce downtime from part-to-part changeover.
  • Technical Training Program.SencorpWhite’s Institute of Technology Technical Training Program (SITT) develops your employees, providing them the knowledge and skills needed to keep your SencorpWhite machines running at peak performance. Our factory-trained technical instructors teach your employees the problem-solving and critical-thinking techniques required to reduce downtime and increase machine output.

I’ll leave you with this: Recently we had a customer whose site was hit by lightning, a strike that blew out their control system. Because the equipment was old enough to be entirely obsolete, we weren’t able to provide replacement components and had to build an entirely new system from the ground up. Instead of working upgrades into the schedules and budgets, this company ended up needing a rush replacement that accrued overtime and expedite fees, not to mention significant unplanned downtime.

Upgrading equipment before it becomes obsolete is one of the best investments you can make—and rest assured, the technology in our automated packaging and storage solutions is every bit as exciting as that in the newest gadget on your wish list.

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