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SencorpWhite Gains Impulse-Sealing Expertise With Acquisition of Accu-Seal

Accu-Seal SencorpWhiteWe’re starting off the month with some exciting news: SencorpWhite now offers more sealing solutions than ever before.

Today, I’m announcing that SencorpWhite has acquired Accu-Seal, a company that specializes in impulse sealing machinery. That means that along with our CeraTek and CeraPak brand sealing systems, we’ll now be able to provide Accu-Seal’s line of impulse sealers. The acquisition benefits SencorpWhite because it allows us to offer an expanded line of sealing solutions. The acquisition benefits you, the customer, because now you’ll have a one-stop resource where you can find a variety of technologies and price points to meet your sealing and packaging needs.

In addition, this move enables us all to look ahead to even greater innovation for sealing machinery. Together, SencorpWhite and Accu-Seal will leverage their engineering expertise to develop new automated systems that utilize Accu-Seal’s impulse sealing technology. These new systems will be offered in both proprietary custom and standard configurations, and they’ll help us broaden our market appeal across a wide range of industries, including medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, industrial, food, cosmetic, consumer goods, chemical, water filtration, and aerospace.

Best of all, whether you’re a customer of SencorpWhite or Accu-Seal, all of this will be seamless to you. Accu-Seal will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of SencorpWhite and will maintain its operations in San Marcos, California. We wouldn’t want it any other way. Over the past 45 years, Accu-Seal has earned industry accolades for its commitment to innovation, product quality and customer service—a mindset that meshes perfectly with the customer-focused principles that guide our work every day here at SencorpWhite.  In fact, one added benefit of the acquisition is that both SencorpWhite and Accu-Seal will now be able to offer even better service and engineering support. Why? Because with SencorpWhite based in Massachusetts and Accu-Seal in California, our geographic presence now spans coast-to-coast.

Complementary expertise, new opportunities for innovation, and enhancements to customer service and support—in my book, that’s the trifecta for acquisition. As SencorpWhite and Accu-Seal embark on this exciting new relationship together, we look forward to continuing to provide you with the highest quality products and services for the packaging and management of your high-value inventory.

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