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SencorpWhite maintenance field service engineers

Regular Maintenance And Upgrades Help Minimize Manufacturing Costs And Downtime

Many C-level execs I know are fans of gadgets. They like to use the latest and the greatest technology, and they’re constantly upgrading their cars, televisions, mobile devices, etc. Ironically, though, I find that many of these same execs are reluctant to replace old or even broken equipment on the manufacturing floor. They justify their inaction with, “It’s working fine for now,” “We’ve developed a Read More →

SencorpWhite FSE

Five Things You Need to Know About SencorpWhite FSEs

Last week I told you about our recent acquisition by Connell Limited Partnership and all that it means for SencorpWhite’s future. As I wrote then, the values we built this company on remain the same, and nothing about our dedication to cutting-edge solutions and excellent service has changed. A big part of who we are and what we do involves our Field Service Engineers (FSEs), Read More →

Customer Service SencorpWhite

Three Ways SencorpWhite Is Focused On You, The Customer

In today’s world, companies are promising excellent customer service as a differentiator. That’s a pretty sad state of affairs in itself –that treating customers well should be considered a unique selling point –but an even bigger issue is that many companies make promises, but fail to back them up with action. In other words, they simply don’t live up to their value propositions. How many times Read More →

SencorpWhite FSE Pit Crew

Three Ways SencorpWhite FSEs Are Like Pit Crews At The Indy 500

This year marks the 99th running of the Indy 500. The sport of racing endures because it’s so much more than just a car going ‘round and ‘round a track. Earning a spot in the Winner’s Circle takes brains, know-how, guts, technology…and the best drivers aren’t just those who drive the fastest. The award-winning racers are those who have strong teams working for them. The Read More →

Pothole with cone service and maintenance agreement

Potholes, Taxes And The Importance Of Service And Maintenance Agreements

I do some of my best thinking in the car, where I mull over conversations and observations and contemplate how to take great ideas and make them actionable for our customers. Recently, for instance, my inspiration for this blog post came directly from a road trip I took to Boston. You see, after months of severe winter weather and historic snow falls, the roads around Read More →

Workers In Distribution Warehouse

The Good Business Of Engaged Employees

  It’s no secret: There’s plenty about SencorpWhite that makes me proud. I can produce any number of charts that go up and to the right, showcasing a growing business, innovative thinking and other signs of progress over the years. At the heart of it all, though, I’d have to say I’m most proud that we have a team of loyal, engaged employees. Our retention Read More →

Group Of Students Celebrating Graduation and Throwing Caps

My Advice For The Graduating Class Of 2014

Everyone has advice for new graduates. Usually it’s along the lines of “Follow your dreams!” or “See the world!” or any passage from Dr. Seuss’s Oh, The Places You’ll Go. . . and although these are great, motivational ideas, they do little to ease the anxiety graduates feel as they face student loans, a shaky economy and potentially moving back in with their parents. So, Read More →

SencorpWhite spare parts

Three Reasons To Buy Spare Parts (Only) From OEM Suppliers

It never fails. You’ve got a huge contract to fill. Your teams are prepped, and they’re stepping up beautifully to do the job. Machines are humming. And, then . . . silence. Something’s gone wrong and production has ground to a halt. After the prerequisite gnashing of teeth, a diagnosis reveals the only solution: You need a replacement part that’s not in your spare parts Read More →

Las Vegas from air

Leave The Gambling For Vegas

I’m in Las Vegas for Pack Expo 2013, and I have to admit, every time I’m in this city, I can’t help but look around at all the lavish hotels and casinos and wonder, “Why on earth does anyone gamble?” Opulence like this –the over-the-top statues, the multi-tiered fountains, the so-called glitz and glamour — doesn’t come cheap. Isn’t it obvious that the house is Read More →

Cape Cod beach and surf

Our Field Service Engineers Are Visiting Cape Cod To Do What?

It’s summertime on Cape Cod, and visitors come from all over the world to vacation here. Some come for the beaches. Some come for the fishing. Some come for the golf or the shopping or the restaurants . . . the list of popular attractions goes on and on. But when SencorpWhite’s field service engineers (FSEs) come to Cape Cod in the summertime, their first Read More →

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