Automated Pouch and Bag Sealing System

The Urania PouchPro is an automated pouch and bag handling system that is designed for end-users whose packaging requirements use multiple steps. The PouchPro is a pouch and bag sealer that processes any type of flat pouch or bag using a four-position indexing system and vacuum technology.  The four-position system allows for multiple processes on each pouch and bag and can be run in a “double-out” configuration, processing two pouches at a time for increased cycle rates.

Pouches are sealed using our Model 5000P rotary band heat sealer and product loading can be manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated. A wide variety of options and peripherals are available for integration. 

Fully Customizable

Our medical pouch and tray sealers are fully customizable. Each machine is tailored specifically to meet our clients unique needs.

Unparalleled Performance

For more than 40 years, SencorpWhite and CeraTek medical sealers have been recognized as the workhorses of the packaging industry.

Completely Modernized

Newly updated, our medical sealers provide unparalleled performance with sustainability in mind.

Superlative Engineering

Our unrivaled, quality engineering is the key to why our medical sealers are the best on the market.

Pouch and Bag Magazine

The magazine for the PouchPro system is designed to easily accommodate most flat type pouches regardless of size or material. The magazine holds approximately 1000 pouches or bags (2000 in double-out) to minimize operator involvement and can be replenished in minutes.  Pouches or bags of different sizes can be processed using drop-in type spacers to control magazine height or width.


Four Position Indexer

A four-position indexer is used to cycle each pouch through 90 degrees of rotation per cycle.  Position one is used to remove each pouch/bag from the vertical magazine, while positions two through four are used for other operations required by the customer.  Each of the four positions has a pickup plate specifically designed for that customer’s pouches/bags and use vacuum cups for optimal control.

Ink Jet Printing & Labeling

PouchPro systems can easily accommodate a peripheral labeling or printing system. We can integrate with most brands and can make recommendations based on our many successful projects. 

We can design and construct custom stands for easy adjustment or rely on existing mounting systems.

Pouch Loading and Sealing

Loading operations on PouchPro systems can be as simple as an operator dropping an item into an open pouch, or as complex as automatically loading a medical device and desiccant simultaneously from an infeed system.  Custom load stations can be designed and integrated to meet your preferred handling process.  Load stations are always designed using input from the end-user and are operator friendly and safe.

PouchPro systems use our latest model rotary band heat sealer for sealing operations.  The PouchPro is ideal for medical device sealing, life science sealing, and food packaging sealing applications. Sealers are fully validatable for speed, temperature, and seal force.

Learn more about the amazing features

Our technologically advanced fully customizable machines are the best on the market. There’s no pressure or obligation to buy; we understand this is an investment. Contact us to get specifications that satisfy your organization’s specific needs.