Kent Hevenor

Kent Hevenor is our VP of Sealing Technology. He has been with us for 33 years. He works with our sales teams in order to find the right solutions for our customers. He stresses the importance of going over every detail with our customers in order to best accommodate their specific needs.

CeraTek offers the latest technology and trends in semi-automatic medical shuttle tray sealers, constant heat and impulse heat medical pouch sealers, vacuum chamber sealers and custom machinery.

The CeraTek brand includes hot-bar & impulse-bar medical pouch sealers (with optional evacuation/gas flush), a Vacuum Chamber Hot Bar Pouch Sealer capable of a vacuum draw to 2 milli-bar, & shuttle-style medical tray sealers that are fully validatable, calibratable, CE & ISO-11607 compliant. Sample IQ/OQ protocol documents and 2-year warranties are available for most models.