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Vertical Lift Module – Power Column 3

Fully customizable rack and pinion vertical lift module

SencorpWhite designs and manufactures this VLM for heavy-duty applications. Power Column 3 is custom designed as a unique system with tray sizes up to 60″ x 240″ with a maximum live load capacity up to 2,000 pounds each.

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Fully Customizable

Our horizontal carousels are fully customizable. Each machine is tailored specifically to meet our clients unique needs.

Unparalleled Performance

For more than 40 years, Sencorp horizontal carousels have been recognized as the workhorses of the packaging industry.

Completely Modernized

Newly updated, our horizontal carousels provide unparalleled performance with sustainability in mind.

Superlative Engineering

Our unrivaled, quality engineering is the key to why our horizontal carousels are the best on the market.

The Ultimate Vertical Lift Module

Power Column 3, the worlds largest Vertical Lift Module, is designed with a welded frame, integrated, infinitely variable “bread rack” tray locating system, and automatic product height sensing.

The Power Column 3 welded trays are designed for extreme conditions, and for heavy-duty industrial applications. In addition to innovative hardware design, White VLM’s incorporate intelligent inventory management and control software.


Increase picking speeds from 60 lph to 500 lph with improved order accuracy

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Our technologically advanced fully customizable automated storage and retrieval systems are the best on the market. There’s no pressure or obligation to buy; we understand this is an investment. Contact us to get specifications that satisfy your organization’s specific needs.

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