Predictive Maintenance Inspections

Sencorp has developed a comprehensive predictive maintenance program that enables our technicians to methodically inspect critical assemblies for wear and proper maintenance.

This inspection process will review over 175 inspection points of the machine that have a direct impact on the machine’s efficiency, giving us the ability to predict a component failure by measuring elements that impact the components operation i.e. heat, deflection, amperage, air leakage–just to name a few.

With this predictability, you will be able to plan for repairs minimizing or eliminating downtime during crucial production periods.

A detailed written analysis is provided on-site, highlighting your machine’s overall condition, including all replacement parts and labor required to return your equipment back to optimum running conditions.

An additional benefit of our Sencorp/Reliability program is that your replacement part(s) can be ordered without costly expedite fees and/or express delivery charges, due to the ability to schedule repairs prior to the failure point.