Companies offer expanded thermoforming solutions and service for North American manufacturers.

Sencorp, a leading manufacturer of thermoforming machines, today announced a strategic partnership with WM Thermoforming Machines, who develops new process improvements and tailor-made solutions responding the specific and changing requirements of each customer. This partnership strengthens Sencorp’s leadership position in reliable thermoforming equipment and provides North American manufacturers a broader range of thermoforming solutions to optimize processes for food, consumer, industrial and medical applications.

WM Thermoforming Machine’s all-electric, small footprint, and high-speed thermoformers complement the Sencorp line, and combining Sencorp reliability with WM agility allows the companies to create solutions based on each manufacturer’s specific requirements. For example, in addition to the existing Sencorp roll-fed, in-line thermoforming technology, the North American packaging industry will now be able to obtain up-stream and down-stream solutions, such as automated robotic off-load, laser cutting, bagging, rimming, and extrusion under the co-branded name.

The partnership will also enhance WM’s capabilities to meet customer’s thermoforming requirements with a highly qualified and expert service team, providing world-class support for their innovative products and new automation technologies.

By complementing Sencorp’s technology and expanding WM’s technical support and service capabilities, a wide range of focused solutions are readily available. Together, SencorpWhite and WM are able to deliver unparalleled options to food, consumer, industrial and medical applications.

For more about Sencorp’s partnership with WM Thermoforming Machines visit https://sencorpsystems.com/wm/

About Sencorp:
Sencorp is a leading Thermoforming machine manufacturer located in Massachusetts. Sencorp Thermoformers are used for manufacturing blister packs, clamshells, trays, and disposable containers. They are engineered to reliably produce high volume, quality parts from most major polymers. Sencorp machines are used for many markets including consumer, medical, pharmaceutical, food, and automotive.

About SencorpWhite:
SencorpWhite is a leading provider of unique end-to-end solutions for the packaging and management of high-value inventory. The company’s products and services– which range from White automated storage and retrieval systems, Sencorp Thermoformers, CeraTek and Accu-Seal heat sealers, and Intek and Minerva item management software– cover the entire supply chain, from the point-of-manufacture through distribution and to the point-of-use. For more information, call (508) 771-9400 or e-mail communications@sencorpwhite.com.

About WM Thermoforming Machines:
WM Thermoforming Machines S.A. is considered as one of the most important thermoforming manufacturers in the world and is enjoying great international prestige for producing reliable, high-performance state-of-the-art machinery. The company based in Stabio, Switzerland, has been designing and manufacturing thermoforming machines since 1981 and complete IN-LINE plants with extrusion technology since 1992. For more information, visit: http://www.wm-thermoforming.com