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Your Factory-Direct Parts and Service Team

World class parts and service for world class equipment.

Sencorp is committed to protecting your investment and extending its useful service life. Our team will keep you informed on the latest technological innovations, in order to keep your company on the cutting edge and competitive in the ever-changing industry.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best customer experience possible, enhancing your ownership experience, keeping your machines and your business running smoothly.

Inspection Services

Our experts are available to assist you with an on-site OEM inspection, reviewing areas such as heaters, presses, hydraulic systems, motors, control systems, and electrical components. We will generate a detailed report outlining areas to improve the machine’s performance and efficiency and identify any areas that do not meet factory specifications. An end-to-end inspection by our field service engineers will optimize the performance and reliability of your existing Thermoformer. Or if you are selling it, increase its value while giving you and the buyer peace of mind that your Sencorp Thermoformer is ready to be put into use.

An additional benefit of our Sencorp/Reliability program is that your replacement part(s) can be ordered without costly expedite fees and/or express delivery charges, due to the ability to schedule repairs prior to the failure point.

Repairs, Rebuilds and Upgrades

We can repair, rebuild, and upgrade your Thermoformer to maximize its throughput. Use our expert technicians to help put your Sencorp Thermoformer back into optimal working condition with OEM repair work or a complete OEM rebuild. If your equipment requires significant upgrades, or your machine condition has deteriorated, we offer complete remanufacturing services. By upgrading worn or outdated equipment with the latest technology, rebuilding provides reliability and performance approaching like “new machine” capabilities.

Center for Excellence Training Program

Sencorp’s Institute of Technology is committed to assist your personnel to develop the skills and knowledge needed to keep your production running at its peak.

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