Unleash The Full Potential of Your Warehouse Operation

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Leveraging the expertise of both Intek and Minerva Associates, Ascent Warehouse Logistics delivers comprehensive software and hardware material handling solutions and automation.

Ascent Warehouse Management System (WMS) software enables warehouse process automation to boost operational inventory and order fulfillment accuracy, generate labor efficiencies and increase warehouse throughput.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Distribution Center with Ascent’s Warehouse Execution System (WES) by optimizing automated processes and material handling systems.

Use Ascent Warehouse Control System (WCS) by controlling and directing automation equipment including conveyors, sorters, robots, AS/RS, and more.


Let us tailor your software solution.

Whether its Warehouse Management Software (WMS), Warehouse Execution Software (WES), or Warehouse Control Software (WCS) that interests you, let us evaluate your current situation and identify areas for productivity improvements.

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