White’s revolutionary UPAS (Unattended Pickup at Store) System makes high volume, unattended grocery pickup easier than ever with three temperature zones of storage.

White, a US-based manufacturer and solution provider of intelligent storage and software, announced the launch of its revolutionary UPAS (Unattended Pickup at Store) System, patent-pending, to help grocers adapt to the rapidly changing market and increase in online orders. UPAS provides 24×7 accessibility with high throughput and delivery speeds on customer orders so grocers can maximize workforce efficiency. The fully customizable system offers unattended temperature-controlled customer pickup windows that are weather resilient and can be installed inside or outside of retail locations.

White’s Automated System Revolutionizes Curbside Pickup

White’s UPAS System offers:

  • Touchless, unattended pickup. With UPAS, curbside pickup is touchless and unattended which allows customers and employees to take precautions for their own health and safety.
  • Customers are no longer tied to designated pick up times. UPAS system can operate 24×7 at the three temperatures needed for groceries.
  • Three temperature-controlled settings. With freezer, refrigerator, and ambient temperature environments, customers can be assured their food remains fresh, and employees can pre-pick online orders days ahead of time.
  • Workforce efficiency. With UPAS, one employee can handle thousands of order pickups each week.
  • Increased storage without sacrificing retail space. UPAS Systems do not cut into the retail space, allowing grocers to increase storage by utilizing the exterior of their buildings.
  • Large volume and throughput. UPAS’s innovative design easily handles demand surges.
  • Customization. White offers a full family of intelligent, curbside pickup solutions for a wide range of applications.

“The retail landscape is changing, and we have heard from our customers about how difficult it is to keep up with the demand for curbside order pick-up. Our new UPAS System allows grocers to delight their customers with faster product delivery as e-commerce increases in popularity,” said Corey Calla, president of White Systems. “In the past, many grocery chains have invested millions in warehouse solutions that focus on better distribution strategies; however, without the proper temperature control capabilities, grocers were unable to fulfill orders and often left orders stockpiled in totes or carts in store walkways,” said Adam Kraft, National Sales Director for Retail. UPAS is the first grocery storage system that has advanced technological components that allow for three temperature storage of a large volume of items.

With over a 200% increase in online orders, the landscape for grocery has changed forever. This adjustment of retail infrastructure has left retailers struggling to meet customer demands for faster product delivery while e-commerce increases in popularity. UPAS solves all of these issues for grocers by offering unattended customer pickup windows with high tech storage solutions without cutting into the retail space.

Read more about the development of the UPAS system at www.whitesystems.com/UPAS

About White:

White, a business unit of SencorpWhite, is a leading provider of high-density storage and retrieval solutions and software systems used for e-commerce, hospital pharmacies, manufacturing, distribution and fulfillment, aerospace, in-store pickup and military point-of-use solutions. The world’s top corporations benefit from the increased efficiencies, accuracy, cost reductions, floor space savings and high throughput of White’s automation solutions.

About SencorpWhite:

SencorpWhite is a leading provider of unique end-to-end solutions for the packaging and management of high-value inventory. White, a business unit of SencorpWhite, is a market leader in innovative intelligent storage solutions and software systems. The company’s products and services– which range from White automated storage and retrieval systems, Sencorp thermoformers, CeraTek and Accu-Seal heat sealers, and Intek and Minerva item management software– cover the entire supply chain, from the point-of-manufacture through distribution and to the point-of-use. For more information, call (508) 771-9400 or e-mail communications@sencorpwhite.com.