WM Thermoformer FT Series


The FT thermoforming series is a pressure forming punch and die machine with a lower tilting platen. It is designed to fulfill the customer’s demand for medium and high production of disposable cups, dairy containers, and tubs that require close cutting tolerance, high product quality, and fully automated processes.

A wide range of mold dimensions and different stacking solutions cover the different market requirements.

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Fully Customizable

Our Thermoformers are fully customizable. Each machine is tailored specifically to meet our clients unique needs.

Unparalleled Performance

For more than 40 years, Sencorp Thermoformers have been recognized as the workhorses of the packaging industry.

Completely Modernized

Newly updated, our Thermoformers provide unparalleled performance with sustainability in mind.

Superlative Engineering

Our unrivaled, quality engineering is the key to why our Thermoformers are the best on the market.

New plug movement

Improved forming force and higher speed provides better distribution of the material inside the mold cavity.

  • No plug marks and better transparency
  • Better mechanical characteristics
  • Higher sheet thickness possible

Sencorp thermoformers are recognized as the work-horse of the industry

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Our technologically advanced fully customizable Thermoformers are the best on the market. There’s no pressure or obligation to buy; we understand this is an investment. Contact us to get specifications that satisfy your organization’s specific needs.