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Giving Thanks For Our Partners In STEM Education

Every year when Thanksgiving rolls around I, like most people, take the time to reflect on all the things I’m grateful for. At the top of the list are my family, of course, and my amazing friends and colleagues. In addition, this year I’m thankful for the incredible partnerships that have enabled SencorpWhite to move forward in exciting new ways. I’ve written before about how Read More →

SencorpWhite FSE

Five Things You Need to Know About SencorpWhite FSEs

Last week I told you about our recent acquisition by Connell Limited Partnership and all that it means for SencorpWhite’s future. As I wrote then, the values we built this company on remain the same, and nothing about our dedication to cutting-edge solutions and excellent service has changed. A big part of who we are and what we do involves our Field Service Engineers (FSEs), Read More →

SencorpWhite meeting Connell

SencorpWhite Acquired By Connell Limited Partnership

Someday, I may sit down to wax poetic about this news. Down the road, I may find the time to reminisce and compile all the stories that brought us from there to here. But for now, I’m going to take the most expedient route and simply give it to you straight: As of 12:01 AM November 1, 2015, SencorpWhite is owned 100% by Connell Limited Read More →

SencorpWhite ULTRA 2500

Watch The SencorpWhite ULTRA In Action

I’m a hands-on kind of person. Before I buy something I want to learn as much as I can about it, see it in action and maybe even give it a test-drive if possible. I know many of you feel the same way, and that’s why it’s great for us to meet at conferences or at the SencorpWhite headquarters in Massachusetts. Getting together in-person gives Read More →

Hospital Medical Storage SencorpWhite

SencorpWhite Helps Hospitals Cut Costs, Improve Efficiencies And Mitigate Risks

At SencorpWhite, conferences are a priority. They’re a great way for us to us to connect with our current and future partners face to face, to see what others in the industry are working on and thinking about, and to let people hear about our solutions –and sometimes see them in action. With the shifts in healthcare brought on by federal UDI requirements, I’m uncovering Read More →

RFID Pharmaceutical SencorpWhite

My Big Takeaways From NEXUS ‘15

Recently I attended NEXUS ’15, a two-day conference focused on supply chain transformation, regulatory compliance and global track and trace. Those are hot topics on this blog and throughout the life sciences industry because of impending new regulations, like DSCSA for pharmaceuticals and UDI for medical devices. But beyond the new requirements, what struck me again and again during this conference was the sheer enormity Read More →

SencorpWhite medical device packaging

How To Mitigate The Risk Of Recalls And Reduce Human Error In Medical Device Manufacturing

Recalls are painful for any manufacturer, but they can be absolutely devastating to a company that makes medical devices. A medical device recall can impact patient care, bring production to a grinding halt, tarnish the brand and erode staff morale. Plus, the costs can be astronomical, from immediate financial losses to the potential for FDA fines and lawsuits. And if all of that doesn’t catch Read More →

SencorpWhite message

Honing The SencorpWhite Message

As SencorpWhite continues to grow and evolve, we’ve been working to fine tune our company message. Having a strong value proposition and a well-articulated message not only helps us find and retain industry leaders as customers, it also keeps our entire team on the same page, united with a single purpose. We rely on our value prop as a gut-check to help us keep focused, even Read More →

SencorpWhite STEM Internships

The Value Of Internships For SencorpWhite And Manufacturing Overall

Here on Cape Cod, the beaches are packed with families enjoying the last weeks of summer vacation before school starts again, and local retailers are clearing out the pool noodles and sunscreen to make room for notebooks and dorm essentials. My children are grown, so now when I hear “back-to-school,” my focus immediately turns to our award-winning internship program. No, this isn’t the kind of Read More →

Internet of Things IoT SencorpWhite

The Internet Of Things And The Power Of One Percent

  I enjoy going to conferences. Aside from giving me the chance to revisit my favorite cities and discover new ones, attending conferences gives me the opportunity to stretch my brain, to learn what’s working (and what isn’t) for our friends (and our competitors) and then to share what I’ve learned with SencorpWhite employees, customers and of course, all of you. A few months ago, Read More →

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