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      Customized Solutions

      End-to-end solutions with in-house engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities

      Forward Thinking

      Our custom machines provide unparalleled performance with sustainability in mind

      Problem Solvers

      We set productive goals with our clients and overcome all barriers to meet them

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      On-site maintenance and service by seasoned engineers located throughout the U.S.

      Our Story

      SencorpWhite, is a leading provider of unique end-to-end automated solutions for the packaging and management of our client’s products. Mindful organizations around the world count on us when precision and accuracy matter most.

      The company’s products and services–including innovative thermoformers, packaging and sealing technologies, automated storage and retrieval systems and inventory management software–cover the entire supply chain, from the point-of-manufacture through distribution and to the point-of-use.

      We specialize in 5 main categories of industrial machinery:

      • Thermoforming Machines
      • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
      • Medical Pouch and Tray Sealers
      • Automated clamshell and blister Sealing Machines
      • Supply Chain Execution (SCE) Software

      On the Sencorp side of the business, in the late 1940s Packaging Industries (the precursor to Sentinel Corporation/Sencorp) began manufacturing pouch sealing machinery designed for the US Army to package Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MREs). For over fifty-years Sencorp, CeraTek, and CeraPak brand thermoforming and sealing machines have been designed and manufactured in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

      For over seventy-years, White Systems has been recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS). Branching out from White’s original product line, dry-cleaner garment conveyors, in the late 1960’s White leveraged their material handling experience and developed and patented the first commercial industrial horizontal carousel, giving rise to White being recognized as the generic name for industrial carousels.

      White’s American-made Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems are built to last. White’s expertise stretches worldwide, based on research and experience coupled with thousands of successful material handling system installations, with success measured across decades.

      We offer customized end-to-end solutions with in-house engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities, on-site maintenance and service with field service engineers located throughout the United States.


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