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Lessons Learned from TV Shark Daymond John

Late last month, I attended the PMMI Executive Leadership Conference, an annual trade event for packaging machinery manufacturers. According to PMMI, “this must-attend event features impactful education that can help you navigate the latest industry trends… and take...

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Our Competitive Spirit Is Real

  There’s a competitive spirit at SencorpWhite. Ask anyone who has worked with us, and they’ll tell you: We like to win. But where does that kind of drive come from? What do we, as a company, do to nurture it? For me, cultivating a competitive spirit isn’t...

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Unicorns on the Shop Floor? Yes, Please

  I just got back from the 2018 SPE Thermoforming Conference held in Fort Worth, Texas, a true renaissance city that’s coming back from its less-than-glorious days when the area we stayed in was known as Hell’s Half Acre. Clearly, young professionals are moving...

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The Benefits of Hiring Boomerang Employees

Do you have a name for people who quit, but then eventually want to come back to, your company? I’ve heard them called “second-timers,” “re-hires,” “re-treads,” and—my personal favorite— “boomerang employees.” Even more important than the moniker you prefer, what is...

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