Sencorp Thermoformer

Sencorp ULTRA Thermoformer

Sencorp brand thermoforming machines are recognized as the industry standard for producing consumer product, medical, food, cosmetic, and electronic blister and clamshell packages.  Sustainable materials, market pressure to reduce package cost, shortened production cycles, and greater package diversity are the driving force for development of the advanced ULTRA thermoformer.  The ULTRA features include quick tool-changeover for shorter, more profitable production runs, increased tonnage presses for forming and trimming more parts in one shot, and longer ovens with optional closed-loop thermal image scanning to control temperature thermoforming the next generation of materials.  Cycle speed can be further increased with an optional automatic off-load system and patented end-of-arm tooling.  Sencorp brand thermoforming systems include the ULTRA2500 Classic, HP2000R CIP, and the 810/1-CE laboratory thermoformer.

Sencorp, ULTRA, 2500 Classic, and HP2000R are registered trademarks of SencorpWhite, USA

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