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World class service of world class equipment.

CeraTek is committed to protecting your investment and extending its useful service life. Our team will keep you informed on the latest technological innovations, in order to keep your company on the cutting edge and competitive in the ever-changing industry.

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Product Updates & Upgrades

With the ever-increasing expectations by the FDA, these features offered by CeraTek are an added peace of mind concerning the reliability of your sealing process.

  • Lower Heated Seal Die
    This provides a constant lower die temperature.
  • Pouch Alignment and Orientation Sensors
    With the use of fiber optic and glare sensing technology, we are now able to ensure the correct alignment and orientation of the pouch.
  • Vacuum & Flush
    Capable of evacuating oxygen from the pouch by applying vacuum and inert gas inside of the pouch.
  •  Data Acquisition & Barcode Scanner
    This brings the ability to capture the process values in a given cycle.  Barcode reading ensures the correct product, pouch, and tooling.
  • Display Monitoring Temperatures
    Ability to ensure an accurate temperature across the entire heating surface.
  • Customization
    We will listen to the needs you express concerning the equipment and design accordingly.

Certified technicians are available for all services at your facility. It is also possible to send the equipment to the CeraTek facility for all mentioned services.

On-Site Preventative Maintenance and Extended Warranties

Providing onsite preventative maintenance packages with a factory certified technician of all CeraTek bar and tray sealers.  These technicians are able to evaluate the equipment for any present or potential issues, as well as replace spare parts, and perform factory standard verification of time, temperature, and pressure accuracy and repeatability.

  • A factory certified report will be provided for your records upon completion of the evaluation and service of each machine.
  • These contracts are generated on an annual and bi-annual basis.
  • Warranties that cover parts and labor of equipment sold on an annual basis after the initial two-year warranty is expired.

All contracts and warranties come with a discounted service rate for upgrades and repairs.

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